Bird in Flight

You are … ILLIMITABLE ….

There is no end to you. You were ‘born’ and will ‘die’ of flesh but in truth there is no death. You never die. You are eternal. Your essence is everywhere present. You have donned the cap of smallness and the veil of forgetfulness in order to pretend that you are small and limited. You are forever seeking experiences and so you assumed your biology which we call ‘human’. Consequently, this pretense has grown into a belief that you are inadequate and inconsequential and through your beliefs you have bought into this concept as your reality. It has rendered you feeling small, insecure and incomplete.  But the exact opposite is the reality of what you truly are.

It is a New Day…a New Era …a NEW ENERGY that has come upon the Earth to help us each in the discovery of our own divinity. It is the Time to free your Self through Self-Love…

If you have found this blog, chances are you are feeling the shifting and changing of energies within yourself. Tap into your own Guidance to feel if this  and what I write is true for you …

Time to shine your Light in new places, time to touch new hearts and to elicit new smiles. The sounds of the bell still toll like a bridge from Old to New… but ….It’s a New World and we touch as we go – opening up wide spaces for Love and Peace and Harmony to fill….

…but the experience happens with starting from Square One…Loving yourself!  

All writings, therapeutic modalities and services mentioned on this blog are not offered as a cure or substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and consequent treatment. The information provided here, whether expressed or implied, is for the purpose of information only and by no means given as medical advice. Please understand that participation in any one of the modalities indicated on this website is not a substitute for needed medical attention. If you happen to have a health problem, health question or medical emergency you are advised to consult a physician.


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