Mika-EL-Ka speaks:

Just as the church was a foyer to the grand ballroom that is your Spirituality, so is the brain the predecessor of living in the heart! Yet the two must learn to co-exist in balance. The very many modes of expression do need the neurons etc. of the brain to execute in the dimension of matter but brain must now understand this new day, this new era, this new earth that is upon you…it is a time beyond words… it is a time when words are more distracting than they are serving…it is a time to go beyond the thoughts and the words and to put your awareness into your FEELING body and allow …with GRATITUDE to the brain for functioning so well lifetime after multitudinous lifetime;

gently go beyond its walls…step out of the proverbial box with care and love and awaken to a new rhythm of life itself.

First, be aware of the Love that you ARE… your own Love …Love filling /loving your Self…

It is a time to allow your beautiful spirit to flow through….

B-r-e-a-t-h-e and allow …the fullness of YOU to radiate …..

Divine YOU…

Love overflowing…

healing…adjusting…balancing Love;

setting you free!

flowing from your heart …and filling your own cup …

then… move to and through other hearts…minds…

no words are necessary…just BE …


gently touching and awakening…

the Divine …within…others…who…would come to receive….


on any level…


About Yvonne Provost

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