Closing the Door


Over the past three or four days, I have found myself experiencing in a realm that truly feels ethereal …guided of course by my Soul Self. The experiences took me to revisit places that I had been and to complete actions that I had started. Then after I was done…brought back… but not really grounded, it all left me with a really full feeling. The feeling of finality dictates that I will never revisit these places again (no need to) nor will I have to re-do the deeds. They’re done! They were of another world, in another time and place. It all feels so final…yet, it also brings with it a new feeling…one of anticipation, enthusiasm, joy. A new door is being opened …  A new expedition invites me to open this new door in front of which I stand, one of many since I do know that my potentials are limitless. What is ahead? I try a sneak peek but my heart says:

Wait … for the time is unfolding in its perfection. All that you would do to investigate the next moment will simply hinder your own progress. Be cautious therefore to be fully present in each moment, savour with Joy…even when you are in a place of not understanding what each moment is about or where you are headed. Pay attention, be fully aware of Self if even unable to decipher the experiences of NOW. IT is most important that you BE with Self…loving even if not comprehending where you would find yourself in this moment or the next. Each moment opens up in Its awareness of your own vibration. You cannot put size 5 feet into a pair of size 2 shoes or vice versa. Momentarily …means in a little while. Let all unfold in due time….it’s own time. I admit that many doors to the past have been closed and are still being closed / closing for you. Your energies have  also consequently shifted into a place and feeling of completion. But more of YOU is being opened up like a Lotus adrift in the most unlikely dimensions. Be true to YOU! Stay the course! Acknowledge each moment, step by radiant step until the magnificence of your next experience reveals ItSelf.

And so as I ruminate on the aspects of each experience over the past week,  I re-live with gratitude the closing of the doors and the joyful arriving at this new place within me. I gracefully revel in this new feeling of completeness and will continue to do so until it is fully integrated.

I AM reminded by my pal, Adamus of Adamus St Germaine’s fame (refer

Listen…. The potentials are present.
Listen…. You can do it a new way…
Listen…. to the song of your Soul.

Hope that your week brought you nuggets as well!


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