Beautiful Morning

Today, O glorious morn, I behold your beauty;
I hear your song like a sweet refrain to awaken the hearts and minds
of all those that you enthrall with your beauty.
I embrace you as I feel you embracing me.
The sweet silent strains like laughter from all the thoughts of animals
and sounds of plants   fill my soul like an elixir to bring my spirit into joyfulness.
O sweet ethereal sounds of my Father, of the Mother,  of Universes and Galaxies,
stay for a day to lift my Spirit to the height of joyful peace
so that I may sing your song enrapt in your bliss….until sleep
  -Yvonne Provost   1999

About Yvonne Provost

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One Response to Beautiful Morning

  1. Anisha says:

    Yo, that’s what’s up trufltuhly.

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