Can You Feel Your Radiance?

Heart on beach

It is overcast today where I reside in the western part of southeast Ontario. Although the rain threatens and does succeed sporadically, I use the gentleness of its sound to commingle with the beauty of the colors of the Fall leaves to inspire myself with little slices of Joy. In fact I have just felt into the energies of my little plants  co-habiting with me here in my apartment and I felt myself burst into an orgasmic feeling  where only Love resides. Wow! My heart overflows with all that I am feeling right now…

Overflow…. means I’m radiating this heart energy without bounds. Means I’m now conscious of sharing my own heart energies to those with whom I interact….if even in my thoughts. I’m sharing my heart energies with you who are reading this right now. The fullness of All That I AM keeps expanding beyond all that my own human mind can conceive and my own consciousness attempts to cognate this Am-ness through my feeling body…through my etheric senses; yet I sense that I AM still beyond all of this awareness.

It does not take much to get to this place of share bliss. It lives in the smallest of the smallest things. Look around you….look and then feel…the beauty of the smallest things that your eyes can behold right now. A smile, your giving or receiving one. The sunshine…the softness and insistence of its rays. Notice how the littlest of rays will find a place to shine…a place to penetrate… even if the darkness does not want it to. How about the moonlight and … certainly there must be a star twinkling somewhere if you are experiencing night time. Notice how the clouds paint their own tapestry. Could be the loving look of a pet; or even the gentle touch of someone’s else hand against your skin. Find something that really turns you on into this feeling of Joy sitting inside of you and awaiting your own ignition  and activation. Use your awareness  and FEEL around; sense the beauty; sit right into the Joy of  sharing and Be-ing with whatever it is that you have chosen. Then radiate from that feeling…let it grow and expand into forever….your YOU-ness…your radiance. IT is simply YOU…BE-ing YOU….

Fill your life with your Joy and let it ripple through hearts and minds throughout the world with your radiance..

The Earth is grateful….


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