Another day In Paradise


Today  was one of those when questions posed themselves seemingly out of nowhere and answers or resolutions seemed quite evasive. Off centre – that’s what I call it and moreso was how I felt. Consequently, I did my trusty deep breathing as often as I could and I did my ‘loving hands on’ to calm my Spirit. I felt the Angels attempting to connect and that made me more mindful of Rei Ki in general but of Angelic Rei Ki in particular. I reflected on the merits of Rei Ki, the channelling of energies…divine energies… that easily assist in bringing one back to center and I finally added a page about Rei Ki to my ‘About’ tab. You can take a read if you feel like it.

My heart tells me that Rei Ki is the most ancient of healing modalities. My intuition tells me that we used it in Lemurian times, in Atlantean times, in Egyptian times. I feel strongly that when Jesus, the Christ, did and taught healing it was Rei Ki which most probably had another moniker. I do feel strongly that the ability to channel this Universal energy was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui and Rei Ki was the best Japanese word to express the flow.  As the Magdalene, opened up herself to the Christ energies, she herself was more than likely one of the best Rei Ki healers there was. We’ve truly walked through the darkest of eras when the feminine  was suppressed for so long and still is to a fair extent. Fear is what I see as I feel into the entire Magdalene story…make that the entire feminine story. It is said of her by the ‘men’ who claimed fame to writing the bible that she was  a prostitute and have referred to her therein as such. I can easily see how the idea was formed and also see very clearly the minds who would entertain this idea.

I have no doubt in my mind that if I were to attempt to do Rei Ki on the men in certain cultures, I would be categorised the same. Many are above being touched let alone being compliant to Rei Ki. Yet all that is needed is an open mind to utilise the Rei Ki energies. It is unconditional love…it is a non -polar energy in that it has no opposite. It can only be used to bring good, and if, in a moment of weakness, one should attempt to use Reiki to manipulate an outcome which is not for the highest good, it just will not work.

An open mind….

But I’m captioning this blog ‘Another day In Paradise’ because that is what it was to me despite my off – centered feeling. It’s all happening within me, this magnificent Temple which houses my  divine. Being off-centre means to me that I shifted back into my human self where there was nagging  concerns that rear their heads to try to haunt and taunt me. ‘Earth runnings’ is what my girlfriend calls it but I AM the Master of my domain and the most important part of my day was my awareness of what was happening. Through my awareness, I once again became the Captain of my own ship. I was able to breathe me back to ME…bring me back to my center where only divine Love resides. I went back to loving Self. I then thought that I could share here with you. Bet you already know that  within the Temple there is everything…yes…and I AM all of IT! Beyond polarities there is only IS-NESS…experiences that do not need to be defined or judged…

How was your day?







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