Happy Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

As I write this it feels so very trite for the many things that I know that there are for me to be grateful for. Notice the use of my word grateful. Thanks feels very superficial to me. It is like lip service…one that we give when we know that someone is being kind or gracious on a very superficial level. It is kinda …out there…on the periphery of our life, our bodies and interactions. It feels outside of my heart. Yet I still use it out of …uhm …well.. habit (I suppose). Yes, in lip service from one human to the other. Thank you for saying nice things about me or thank you for handing me that pen. Thank you for giving me a seat or for giving me directions to someplace that I am having difficulty finding. It is what I feel when someone wishes me: Happy Thanksgiving! Am sure you got the drift. Just feel into it and you will understand my point of view if you didn’t before.

As I go further within myself, I find that I am appreciative of acts of kindnesses that one has done for me. I am moving now into the acknowledgement and meaning of the word and somehow, I find myself thinking of property and their appreciation. My mind is in Banking and Accounting …finding ways to make my money or my investments or my property appreciate. So could it be that subconsciously we are hoping that we be on the receiving end of more of these acts or things that we appreciate? Or are we hoping that as we get into the meaning of the word, we will have more of whatever it is that we are appreciating. As I write this I remember during my exhausting and exhaustive study of various versions of the Law of Attraction that one Author had actually recommended that we appreciate what we have so that it will grow… that was his or her way of getting bountiful…with appreciation. Without being judgemental, I am really simply feeling into each word and finding the place within me where each resonates. So appreciation takes me further inside of me … I have moved from my lips and I feel as if I’m in my throat now. Where do you feel the word? Think it, feel it, say it. Yes, I’m in my throat. So, the line from the verse: Little deeds of kindness, little words of love… come to mind and I am appreciative.

This morning as I awoke and I scanned my body and came to rest in my heart, I felt my own divine love. It was so warm and powerful yet soothing. I lie there feeling as it flowed like warm milk and honey through my entire Be-ing. Oh, it was all embracing…I felt safe, prospered, protected. I heard myself say: I love ME so much… as the sense of being Love AND in Love flowed out from the soles of my feet. Then I felt ME radiating…I flowed into the hearts of my children first, then into the hearts of my friends and the rest of my family. Soon I could see my community and then Canada and then the rest of the Earth. I, this Being, that is named Yvonne found myself all embracing of our beautiful Earth, filling it with my glorious Love. I was so grateful for this feeling of magnificence, this all embracing, ever mindful Love that is here for me continuously. My heart was bursting from being so full and I called that Gratitude. As I came back into my apartment and gradually felt into all that I have and all that I AM, I was overwhelmed! How could any one life be so bountiful without a feeling of …Gratitude?

Consequently, I thought to come and share with you in this acknowledgment of Harvest ‘Day’. What are the things in your life that you are grateful for? Open your heart and feel …your bounty. Doesn’t matter how small it is.. where it is…whether it is seen or unseen… as long as you’re feeling it from within your heart…feel it deep and let Gratitude take you to the heights and the depths and the multidimensionality of your soul.

Three different words…three different energies.

Gratitude…the perfect gift of Beauty and Fullness…wallow yourself in it like a hog in mud. Feel yourself inside of it. Let if fill you up to overflowing. Notice how it has no walls, no boundaries, feel its texture, its fluency and flexibility…flow with it after you’ve felt it…after it has filled you up…then let it take you outwards to any place in the Cosmos and bring you back to you …your … Gratitude Day. Work on having every day as Gratitude Day. Then you can start having Gratitude moments. Let it help you flex your heart muscles as it flows through and opens you up to more of YOU…more of your grandness and magnificence. Let it teach you of unconditionality and the purity of Love.

Yes ….

Gratitude IS Love loving Itself.
Gratitude is Love saying: I AM in the fullness of the receiving of my own Well-Being!

Happy Gratitude Day!

Are you feeling it?
If not, I suggest that you re-read this post!


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