A Veritable Marriage

Cofee beans on Tree

On awakening this morning, I saw …as in…realised that I AM integrating my dream and passion of embodying my Soul Self. I was telling myself to breathe, breathe, breathe in your goals (golds) and desires.

A sense of goodwill embraces me even when I can still feel the last trembling quivers of ego – fear dying as it looks into the eyes of Magnificence. My Divinity sees it with only eyes of Love – allowing it its dying just as it did its living. They co-habit side by side NOW despite the shrinking of the one and the expansion of the Other. Eyes of Love and Light – Lovelight – see and know the beauty, usefulness and purpose of lives and experiences well lived. They have all brought us to NOW – this moment of expansion where the realisation that effort has become useless.

We stay in the flow of NOW and allowing … the coming and the receiving…the sacred merger.



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