The Quiet Center of Stillness

Jamaica sunrise2

Silence is not just the absence of noise or sounds; it is the medium through which we connect with our deepest Self. Our heart is the telephone and we make our connection through and in the Silence.

In experiencing Silence, I AM IT and then my doing and being are observed from that standpoint. BEing (in) the Silence therefore makes me the Great Observer. The I that observes feels as if it is nothing yet it also feels as if it is everything, boundless and infinite ~ uncontainable and illimitable ~~~

In between the cacophony ~~~ I AM right there / here!

In between the inhale and the exhale ~~~ that IS I, the Deep Silence / Stillness!

My heart beats and pounds against the Stillness!!!

All of my sinews are enmeshed therein ~~~ still spaces intertwine my chromosomes ~~ I disappear into the Ocean of Stillness and then there is no ME…there is only the ISNESS of Be-ingness.

In the Silence, the Stillness crashes upon my eardrums like a tsunami rolling upon the land.

Life is a constant meditation and my Lover is the Deep Silence in which I know my Self!

Yes, I feel drugged ~~~ maybe addicted to the deep Stillness within.
Consequently, I feel so much more in Love because it is as if I am constantly wooed by this untouchable, indefinable, Ever-Presence that is neither within nor without ~~~ yet IT is holding me and supporting me ~~~

I know IT IS ME!!


Words ~~~ make no sense~~~~ they are so very inadequate!
Try for yourself …experience the Experience…..

Yvonne Provost Copyright @ Foreday Freedom Flight 2006


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