Abundance and Support from the Universe




Want to share a few of my thoughts and feelings that came as I had my supper last night. It turned out to be a very surreal experience as I moved my consciousness and awareness into every little bite of food. Wow! I felt served, supported, nurtured and abundant…all of which elicited a really strong sense of gratitude. I was grateful to the Earth and the Universe because I was able to see my connection to both and their connection to each other and to me. In truth, my meal brought into place…showed me without doubt, the divine cosmic connection.

As I bit into the small spinach leaves and felt their juices hitting my taste buds, I saw them growing in the fields ..for me. And for some reason it came to me that they knew that they were going to be my meal … they were growing to give me sustenance …they were specific to me. Yes, they were growing for Yvonne. I felt the same as I bit into my cucumbers and slowly chewed my rice! All of these were grown for me…it was a very personal project and the Universe as well as the Earth knew all about it and that it had my name written all over it. This was Providence at its best! This was the food that would support my life coming for me on this day, at this time, in this space…NOW.

Then as I found myself amazed at this awareness, the abundance of spinach leaves and rice grains were brought to my attention and I saw that as without so within. I took a deep breath to integrate that thought as it hit me flush between my eyes.

I too am abundant!

My supper, as I viewed it, was an extension of me. It was ME nurturing me; ME being in service to me; ME showing me how abundant I AM. I saw the connection…a cosmic network, if you will, of all things. And then as I chewed and offer my juices to help with the digestion, I further saw how that process was intricately aligned to the whole cosmic situation too. It was a continuous live stream of cosmic appendages working in unison and conjunction with each other to create a cosmic Whole. What a hoot! What a creation!

With all of this in mind and having received the assurance of the truth of my experience, I now reflect on the words of the Christ: ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of them, you do to me also.’

What a connection! And how very loved and nurtured and supported we are! Then also…there’s so much prolificacy in Nature …why not us?

What do you feel about all of this?


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