Feeling in a Zen kind of Mood


Oh….what a roller coaster ride we have been on with these energies! They captivate me; make me feel as if I’m in their control. Yet I’m excited as well because I AM in their control. It is the flow of the Universe as it is today and I’m simply flowing along with it. Especially now… as we are approaching a solar eclipse on the 3rd November and today we are still churning around in our energetic bodies as mercury goes retrograde.

Did you know that mercury went retrograde when the Christ was born? There has to be something peculiar  and important to the notion since it was what alerted the Three Wise Men to the great event. In any event, I do suspect that a great many Christs are being born as I write this.

What a phenomenal time to be on the planet! We are witnessing the downfall of many institutions, corporations and governments which in and of themselves bring us face to face with what could be called ‘fear’ if we allow it. Yet those of us who remain committed to our Self know that all we need do is stand firmly and fully in our ‘core’ and all is well!

I AM that I AM ….. clears the way for us to be fully centered. It  brings us into the presence of our PRESENCE as long as it is said with  feeling and  with the full conviction of its meaning. It helps us to stand firm and BE … present in and with All of our ‘parts and pieces’  right here and right now. 

So …with all of this posturing, I really wanted to share two things with you today.

The first is that as I was having my breakfast this morning, I found myself slowing down once again. It was a simple meal as I find I really do not feel for much to eat before noon. So, I have recently started greeting my banana the moment I choose it to be eaten. I address it: Good morning Mr. Banana! I thank you for coming to bring me all the sustenance that only you can bring.  Then I do a peel followed by a real slow bite and the chew takes me into a contemplation where I’m seeing the banana plantation, see the bunch of banana growing, the workers chopping it off the tree and seeing all that it takes to get it to me…into my home…on to my table and into my body. When I do this I’m feeling as if it’s worth so much more than I paid for it. It becomes of real value not only in the sense of it’s growing from the earth but then all the people involved become participants in this glorious cycle. I bless them and send loving thoughts for their own expansion and growth and feelings of being loved. I Am in gratitude for the many actions involved in the process and for all the players behind the scenes.

Then I bit into my multigrain blueberry muffin and found myself out in the fields of golden wheat;  the blueberry fields and even the cane fields that brought the sugar. I was in awe of this production and as the muffin melt in my mouth and I felt the caress of my tongue against its offerings, I had never tasted anything as delicious. Mnnhh … I saw how in my appreciation for this as a part of my meal, it  slid down my throat with just one purpose and that was to nourish my body. My intent became its purpose… and so it is!

My second sharing is that since my last post the whole abundance theme has stayed with me. I am being fed more information that is putting pieces of a puzzle together. A few of the highlights of what I have been realising …no…make that … integrating … is that the reason why our abundance practices never seem to manifest on a permanent basis is because we see ourselves separate from that which we choose to bring into our lives.  So what was given to me is not to make it a mental thing but to bring it all into my heart and speak / treat from there.  Then  gloriously, it has come to me that  we keep saying that what turns up in our lives is a reflection of what’s going on inside so whatever we choose to bring into our lives must be within us first … nothing new there since we’ve heard from time immemorial that we have to give our dreams a good douse of feeling for 7 minutes ( I believe it is from Abraham…)  in order to activate them. But all of last night as I slept, I was being schooled and the essence of what I woke up with this morning is that we, each of us, is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Nothing new there either … except ….  I was shown that what I choose …anything that I choose…. is already inside of me. I do not have to go and fetch it from some place outside of me and then bring it in to my essence / Being. No…it is already within me because I AM the mini universe as well as the Maxi UniverseI AM All of IT!  Just like the ocean is contained in one drop of its water or one of its waves so is everything contained within me. All I need do is to activate it within myself … and then …trust.

So this is where I AM right now as I continue this wondrous flow that we call life. As I write this I am now understanding from my Soul Self that I am not learning to manifest, I am learning to create because even the Deep Void from which All things emanate is contained within.


Hope that I gave you something to ruminate on today.

Remember that your truth is what is in resonance with you…I share mine in love.

Also to slow down and bring your senses to everything that you do. Life becomes so much more meaningful. Namaste!






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