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Can you believe that it is already the 5th day of November? There really is nothing to wait for. We are totally on the wheels that spin in an instant and which compress 360 degrees and 24 hours into a simple here and now. That’s it! Gone are the 24 hour days. Gives new meaning to the phrase: It’s NOW or never! Wouldn’t be surprised if what comes next is our conscious teleporting.

So I admit that I woke up this morning feeling a little miffed at my life and my experiences which are totally taking me into a place which I never imagined. Despite a full session of conscious deep breathing, my body felt much better but my mind …not so much! I went outside and revelled in the view of the valley a bit … still my stubborn mind was digging it’s egotistic heels into its worldly focus. I felt frazzled as I tried to let go, which in and of itself is an oxymoron really …all I needed to do was just …let go … without the trying.

Anyhow it was lunchtime…maybe about a half an hour ago and before I decided what my lunch should be, I reached for one of my Fuji apples sitting in my fruit dish on my dining table. Still not centered, I washed …scrubbed and took of that little icky adhesive label that they use to identify it in the supermarket…washed some more. Then went to my couch to enjoy … since letting go became my intent…

I sat crossed legged and took my first bite…Zappo!! I was right there…as centered as I could be. Woosh…the juice of the apple was like a fountain of an elixir that simply sprayed the inner cavity of my mouth. My mouth and all of its lining was saturated by the sweetness of the assault. It was so delicious! I closed my eyes to really get into the experience. Mnnnhhh…mnnnhhh. As I crunched away at the pulp, the texture conjured up the sounds and images of footsteps walking in fresh, crisp snow. At the same time I was getting visuals of beautiful crisp taffeta…mounds and mounds of crisp taffeta. There was nothing else, no one else, just me melting into the experience of eating this sweet juicy gift of and from the Earth. I was in heaven and heaven was definitely in me as I savored the experience… enjoying the entire fruit to the last bit.

So as I write this, I feel closer to ‘Home’, having devoted an additional five minutes to be grateful for the fruit and all that I have and AM.

So being closer to ‘home’ brings me to share with you a little tidbit about my recent experience with ‘Consciousness’. I attended a Meetup recently. It was titled:‘4th Dimension and Raising Vibration’ or something to that effect. The sharing was interesting but of importance to me was that I sat beside a young man by the name of ‘David’. We got into a discussion as the Moderator asked: What is the meaning of the word ‘Consciousness’? We threw the idea around for a while and eventually I shared my understanding of the word:

Consciousness…the state of being conscious (awake, aware of the Greater Self) or not conscious (not awake, not aware of the Greater Self)…which would then dictate the level of Consciousness of One’s Being … living…existing…modus operandi.

Well David really liked the word ‘awaken’ in my definition of the word; he said it worked for him and gave him a clearer understanding. The following day, however, he had forgotten what was the word that had given him such clarity and he e-mailed me to get in on it again. I sent him the definition and he countered that the word was ‘awaken’.

After the Meetup, I felt very ill for the following 2 – 3 days. Just total body aches and pains and being so tired of all of these Ascension symptoms, I decided to rest as much as possible. Saturday, November 2nd was my deceased husband, DAVID’S, Birthday and after an intriguing set of events, it was brought to my attention / awareness that he wants to communicate. It was him all along…kinda hitching along and wanting to awaken me to the fact that he was with me…awakened too …no doubt.

I admit that it takes acute discernment these days to identify the energies around us. What with the thinning of the ‘veil’ … and the bombardment of new energies upon the planet…‘everything is everything’. Lauren Hill wasn’t lying when she wrote that song.

To make it through these times without too much confusion and affliction, we simply must stay centered in Love…and start by loving ourselves first. We can’t give from an empty cup. Gone are the days of searching for Love outside of ourselves. We simply must fall in total unconditional Love…accept fully and totally… with our beautiful, magnificent Self. Then after that all else can only be touched by …Love.

Enjoy your day! Make it exceptional! Do something extra special …for YOU!



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