Receiving 2

Today, I’m feeling to talk about the act of receiving …BEing in Receivership. Of course, this is what I am currently working on so I thought I’d share.

If you’re like me feeling independent and sovereign, you know that this is kinda difficult. As often as someone even attempts to give to me, there’s this little Aspect of mine that keeps jumping out at me with a strong sense of being obligated to whomever that is bearing universal /cosmic gifts. So my lesson to learn today or rather, my practice to be put into effect is that the Universe has to come through someone in its giving. I need to go beyond the human senses …. both mine and the person who is bearing the gifts in any form or fashion. I need to be mindful that the blessings or the fulfilment of my needs must come through a human being in order for me to receive. I need to go beyond the form and features of a man or woman…a person … who is bearing the gifts. I need to go beyond my own human mind in my thinking and use my extra senses to feel into the truth of the Universe providing and bringing to me that which I desire.

How else can I receive without feeling guilty or obligated?

I know that it does come from the part of me that has grown to be solely dependent on itself for sustenance, nurturing and maintenance. That is okay! I accept that part of myself. I love it and I bless it! It is perfect for what it has done. So …in meeting it right here and now, I must encourage it to develop and allow a new relationship with the rest of me so that we can move forward into a new state of BEing.

A few days ago, I got awake with the understanding / feeling that if I need to attract more clients, I need to fill the rift between those who would come to share my insights and me. I understood that I need to meet them where they are at and then bring them into a more inspirational, insightful place with my sharing. It made perfect sense to me: ‘Meet them where they are at Yvonne’ and then as I kept mulling over / contemplating that thought, I realised that I had to start within myself FIRST.

I saw the rift between my Soul nature and my human self…my divinity reaching out …loving and trying to blend with my human nature and it with it’s little ego filled, pain history would be jumping out and shouting out in its fear of the unknown. I could feel that right in my solar plexus. So I understood as I got deeper into the understanding of my insight that instead of doing my integrating from my Soul Self to my human nature…it is better to meet me myself at the level of my human nature, accept it, love it and assuage it with the truth of our own evolution. I let it know how much in gratitude I AM for all that it has done and for how long it has served. I let it know that it is time for something NEW NOW and that I will be most appreciative in the allowing of such a relationship.

So I’m sitting with this and observing ….


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