Rolling Along

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How the days tumble into each other! They’ve shortened not only because of all the new energies bombarding the planet but also we’re fast approaching the Winter equinox. It truly is a different world! And as our external continues to depict the turmoil that it takes to get to this new place, I’m sure that many of us are experiencing this in our own lives – the universe within.

So what to do as we experience the proverbial storm? However difficult it may be, we have to stay centered in our own Love – Love of Self and Love of others. We have to trump up kindness and compassion not only for ourselves but to those with whom we interact. We have to come to the place of total acceptance of each other, recognising that we each have our own singular path to walk. Then, despite our singularity, we need to realise that we are in this together and as such, we need not take our judging or judgement platform with us anymore. We can let judgement go – for judgement has become a real useless energy. It no longer serves a purpose except for those who themselves are still stuck in their own issues. It is like the tar that holds us back- once we step into it – there’s no moving forward. We need all kinds of ‘energetic solutions’ to remove ourselves out and from that place.

So…what have you been up to since I last blogged? Hope that your time was productive! Uhm …ever noticed these days that ‘productive’ has now become a word that is equally expressive of our own state of being as it is in the corporations? Yes…I feel very productive when I am able to unearth more of my ka-ka, when I am able to keep myself centered in my own Love or when I am able to effuse my beautiful spirit into my interactions with others and into creating a sacred space for myself.

What, besides doing something ‘tangible’ has you feeling productive?

So now we see that what I’m talking about is the energy behind the word – not the word itself. I’m talking about the feeling that comes before the ‘word is made flesh’. Many times I am so full from all the things that I have done to continue bringing myself into the feeling of wholeness and yet there is nothing tangible or external to show. Many would ask: ‘So what has been happening with you?’ And I can only answer: ‘A lot! But nothing that you can see!’ And I top that up with my radiant smile – as I quietly and consciously send them my love.

Someone called me from Calgary, said she connected with the Metatronian energies and my name was mentioned…so I, in turn, am consciously re-acknowledging my Angels led by Lord Metatron. I am surprised at how when we focus on something, how profusely it enters our life. As I write this, I am making a note to myself … so that I can remember the truth of this in other areas of my life. All I had to do was simply call the Angels …a myriad energies came to my space….I feel them surround me with their love.

Today, I shall glean from the fullness that each moment brings…be fully present in my Presence and treat each moment and experience as new.

Share a space of Peace with me! Until next time …


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