…yeah though I walk through the ‘Valley of the Shadows’…..that’s where I find myself these days. Walking through the ‘Valley of the Shadows’…feeling in the cells of my body all of the ‘Shadow effect’. I’ve been admonishing, commanding, releasing and integrating all of the various and varied feelings of discomfort that keep showing up and then something happened. In my mind’s eyes I saw me…little me…human me…with all of her struggles and strife and I saw that I am totally representative of the human being. I saw the symbolism in the feelings…all of the pain and anger borne out of fear are what we, as human beings go through. It is what we do. We did ordain it to be so. We constrict and make ourselves small…we wallow in our insecurities and inadequacies and then we make the Fear so much bigger than ourselves that it erodes us until we are not longer visible. We become a walking, being, ball of Fear. So as I was driving along this morning and took a brief scan at the knot in my stomach, I saw the bigger picture.

I was standing in the threshold of my own divinity! I know what I AM! I saw me in the two places. I was the little human experiencing all of the knotted stomach and I was the God ALSO Being observing this other part of me as it was cringing and hurting.

My divinity then said to me:

That is what humans do! The only way to move past and allow her to relax into the beauty of herself is to open your heart and love her into compassion for herself. Love ALL of it! Love the Earth for all of the experiences! Love yourself for choosing the experiences! Love all of humanity! Love the sacredness and the irreverence of Life! Love the anger and the misery, the pain and suffering as it wraps around the Joy and Laughter! Love the happiness and the sadness as they intertwine betwixt and between each other! Love it all! The beautiful and the ugly are all part of the same totem. It IS Life on Earth! And as you love it all and open your heart in compassion, you will find yourself being able to move away without the attachment to any part of it.

These were not words that were new to me! I’ve heard them a thousand times! I just needed to hear them in the NOW moment. And so I deep breathed my Love into my belly, into my pain and as I did I could feel it (the pain) opening up, releasing and relaxing into the soothing of my very own breath…the breath that is continuously giving new life…into the realisation of my own Love, a complete and unconditional Love.

Just wanted to share with you this gentle reminder to b-r-e-a-t-h-e consciously. It builds doorways where only walls existed. Breathe into your own Love and saturate your life with it. Then when you’re done, keep sending it out to your fellow human beings so that they too will remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e in their Love and fill their bodies… In this NOW moment the Earth reaches out for all the help to move her into a higher vibration.
We as a Collective are the only ones to help…we do it by looking out for ourselves first and then our planetary brothers and sisters and then the Earth!

Oh Happy Day!

We have nothing to wait for…let’s get on it!

Wishing you the Joy and serenity of conscious breathing to get past whatever might be challenging you!


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