It was a different night…I fell asleep to the strains of Michael Hammer’s ‘Gifts of the Archangels’ while doing some deep breathing. As I am falling more into my Self, I am aware of being filled with light like liquid in my in-between-dream state. The picture that I got was of the sun at high noon and then the silvery center became liquid that was filling me up through the top of my head. It was like pouring milk from a jug into a glass. I understood as I tossed and turned (the human and the divine doing their dance again) that my pineal gland was quite like the sun…it is a mini sun and my heart is another. I saw that as the liquid light from this glorious sun was passing through my body it was recharging, revitalizing, recalibrating these mini suns inside my human body.

So all of this understanding is coming to me during my ‘dream’ state and I am feeling wonderful as I go to the cells in my body. I’m comfortable! I’m warm despite having the heat off. I feel snug. I’m having parallel experiences in multi dimensions. I’m sleeping, yet I’m understanding more of my Self and I am also feeling inside my body.

This experience has filled my entire night…there is nothing else that I can remember and as dawn started visiting through the crack and crevices of my window, I am having another experience. I am feeling so in Love with my Self. Love filled me up to capacity. It was so much that it started spilling out into all the places and people around me. It flowed and flowed and next I saw in my mind’s eye was a beautiful image of the Earth and there surrounded in a soft golden pink with iridescent hues was …my Love.

I observed the image for a good fifteen seconds…then I pulled it into my heart…where it still rests gently. It was me loving the Earth and everything and everyone on it in its entirety. As I pulled the image and its symbolism in, my entire being felt the fullness and the fulfilment of BE-ing (in) Love….like the waves rushing to shore and then back to the ocean, the sensation flowed in and back out of my body, yet it was always there. I was the ocean sending waves of love crashing back and forth from me to the rest of the world…it was an exchange…an interplay of giving and receiving while I embodied the Love. It became a warm, all encompassing, all embracing feeling of fluidity …without boundaries of skin or flesh and it flowed freely from my BEing and…

all the World is One….

…a splendid start to a new day! Am feeling stoked! If I touched your heart, you’ll feel stoked too!

Just be aware… and feel my love…I AM there, right there with you …


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