Joy to the World

Joy to the World

I have been in absentia for couple of weeks. I’m feeling that I was once again out in the desert with myself…integrating lost and now found parts of myself…acknowledging and reinstalling the forgotten pieces of me that have come home to find Love. I feel a big shift within. Even after I fell and landed on my back as I hit my head on the asphalt last Friday in our first snowfall, I am stepping back from that to see a bigger picture emerging. I see, acknowledge and laud myself for my commitment to ME. I continue to grow spiritually as I passionately watch my own evolution and see my determination not to be averted.

What of this will I share here now?

I feel a bubbling up of new energies…the fizzing of events and the hustle-bustle of the Christmas holidays is certainly a manifestation of the presence of the unseen energies over the past few days. Tomorrow being the Winter equinox is about to shift us into yet another ‘gear.’ How are you coping with these new twists and turns in our energetic planetary bombardment? I am holding my center, continuously present with my own Presence and trusting mySelf. It was only yesterday that as I wondered a bit from my Core and could immediately sense in my body a feeling of wonderment…almost …uhm …insecurity, I heard my Soul say:‘BE with ME.’

I took a deep breath and centered myself and was Home again. It is a veritable dance, a courtship if you will. This Love affair between my humanness and my very own seed of divinity which is expanding moment by moment while loving …all of me.

It has become imperative to stay there so I deep breathe a lot. Otherwise, I get lost in the old paradigm of duality and its contortions and illusions. That’s not to say I’m judging my story or my past as bothersome but only that I am choosing to walk a different route…a new route…and in order to do this, I need to keep my mind, body and spirit, expansive…wide open and ready…to receive and to experience from a totally new perspective.

I need to garner all my focus and energies into BEing with my Self in the NOW moment…prepped and ready for a whole new living. Yes, a new me is emerging full of potentials and possibilities…unquestioning and spontaneous…flowing with whatever comes and dancing with whatever knocks on my front door.

The Spirit of the Holidays is infectious in this regard but the purposes are different. I celebrate ME, phenomenal, magical and radiant me…as I feel a new Christ being birthed from within. I become more trusting with each new day. I wait for cues that will confirm that I am Soul-led. I flow ..easily …effortlessly…peacefully as I love the marriage that I feel inside of me and I allow this love to spread like a wildfire throughout my entire being and beyond. I do not haphazardly plunge forward in my life anymore. In my decisioning, I simply take a deep breath and allow…the Voice of ME and the Will of the divine in me to lead me forward. As I write this, I hear and understand: ‘You are I and I AM you!’ The marriage is consummated!

I AM That I AM!

Joy to the World!

AM trusting that your life is unfolding for you exactly as you desire.
Enjoy your holidays…have fun…lots of fun…yes…much JOY and may Love be the thread that weaves it all. Let us radiate to others…if even as a wish for their own well being…our Love creating a different world…one heart at a time.

From my heart to yours!


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