Keeping The Spirit of Christmas Alive

Poinsettia flower


We know that Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Christ
And the Spirit and Energy of the Christ is Love
So let us every day celebrate this Birth of Christ
By evoking the Spirit of Unconditional Love.

Our hearts are the Seat of the ‘Christ-within’ Kingdom
Just as Bethlehem was the home of Jesus’ birth.
The wise men who came are our souls’ own Wisdom;
Let us use this to heal the Planet, Earth.

Out of the East came the three men a searching;
Searching deep within, we find Self- Expansion
And as the Star guided them in the right direction
So must we trust our own Intuition.
Bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to this cove
To show us the richness, beauty and eternity of Love
And all those different animals, which huddled around
Teach our different Races that LOVE must abound.

So let us give one to the other from a heart full of Love
Until our Earth sings from its Four Corners of celestial Love
And let us forever live this eternal celebration
No matter the Season or whatever the occasion.

As for me, I had Christmas this morning in my meditation,
I had Christmas last night in my Oil Painting session
And once again it’s Christmas as I feel these warm stirrings
From my heart to yours with all the gay trimmings
And as I give to you from a heart bursting with Love,
I say ‘Merry Every Day Christmas and may below be as Above!”

Yvonne Ste Claire Provost
Copyright © Foreday Freedom Flight 1994


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