Stepping into the Unknown


A New Year is already thirteen days old! I dare to wish you a Happy New Year with all the blessings that you desire and in what ever form that you wish.

I feel as if I’ve stepped off of a treadmill with the sensation of treading still haunting my physical and mental. My emotional and spiritual are all locked into the first two since I’ve been steadily working at an integration of self…becoming a Body of Consciousness. Yet I sense that my Beingness is anticipating…What? I know not. It is also looking for the next machine to jump on. What are we to do next? It feels as if the next phase for me is to find a yoga mat and just lay still even as my insides feel as if it is bubbling up with excitement in this odd state of anticipation.

Our lives are filled with so many potentials and possibilities but which ones are we as a race going to call into for a collective or partial manifestation? That is my anticipation! Which are you choosing? And how will your choice impact the rest of the Earth? How will my choice impact you?

I find myself listening…to the wind… listening …into other dimensions as our Earth feels so much closer to this next…this other place of in-visibility. Dimensions feel as if they are about to merge…at least touch … as earth seems to be doing her thing to find a new stance in the universe. Can you feel that? Do you not feel that we are not as grounded as we used to be? But it’s alright! Whatever happens we will always have life! We are forever…only changing form to form to form. Our only constant as I know it now is Love.

So let Love prevail. Let Love spread her unifying and radiant wings from our hearts to each other across the globe regardless of creed, religion or gender! All we have is NOW! yesterday is done and gone…slipped right through our fingers and out of our hands. Tomorrow has not yet been created but here we are …NOW! BE-ing…reading…thinking…eating…laughing… with each other. Let us join our hearts in the realisation that we are all here and now …together …. and about to step into the next NOW. We cannot go wrong if we hold each other up in Love!



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