When does it end?

Simona's Gift

Hola…it has been a couple of months since I have visited here. The reasons for my absence are diverse. There were times when I thought to come but couldn’t feel it in my heart to say …anything… and then there were other times when I have been bombarded by the oncoming energies that I didn ‘t know which end was up.

Here I am today…am not feeling my best as my body still aches all over from my being sensitive and empathetic to all the energies …individual and collective. And yet I know and very much so, I might add, how to clear these energies from my own system. Thing is that I do not always remember to ‘clear’ and then they become cumulative.

Today I decided to fall back on my ever reliable Omega-3 and top that up with a good bit of clearing. Consequently, here I AM. I have also been using my time away to re-visit some of my past spiritual information…old…but not too old for it not to be still pertinent. Have had a lot of aha moments which I have been sure to integrate.

So now that I’ve explained my absence, I would like to tap into my Soul Self  which I call, Mika-El-Ka to hear what she would like to share today.

I have been present as the Overseer in all of your experiences. I now come forward to speak of these times when Love must find its way in the densest of the dense and in what appears as the morass of life…of living. These are the times of  which Prophets did speak.  They are a  reality in human terms but as you know through the dimensions of the ethers they are all illusionary. And yet you each create your own reality based on your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is like each person baking their own pie which would be symbolic of their own life. Yet there are very basic ingredients that are common to all.  The pie shell would be a common analogy for the human body and the filling then becomes all your different feelings and beliefs. You give your life your very own flavor dependent on what it is that you choose as your experiences.

Your ingredients must now be comprised of Self Love, Compassion and flavored with a whole lot of Joy and Acceptance. In having these for your Self, it becomes easier to have it for others.  For today, let there be the Joy and the delight of doing and Be-ing as you have chosen to do and Be. Can there be another moment as precious and as important as this very one?…NOW, you are doing and being. F-e-e-l the Joy and the delight in these.  Challenge yourselves to stay in this place of acceptance of and for your Self and luxuriate in the Joy of Be-ing…of existing…of Be-ing the very centre of your own world. It is from this place that you fill yourself with love and appreciation and then radiate ….

Forever is but  a series of NOWS and you grow / evolve as you experience moment by moment.

IT never ends…you change experiences and thus you change our reality …you ARE IT!!!!     

Remember Love of Self first, then radiate to others…. ’til next time! 

See you next time!



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