What A Pressure Cooker!

Pressure Cooker

Angel heart

I have not been here in a few months. Mostly because I found myself in a place of simply observing our unbelievable and amazing Earth’s experiences and then not having much to say as I was too busy feeling the effects of all these Earth changes. But a fire is beginning to brew once again within me. It makes itself felt especially at nighttime and manifests as tremendous heat. I ask mySelf for Clarity. ‘What’s up?’ ‘What am I supposed to be doing?’ Where am I to be heading?’

As I listen keenly, I could only see as I recalled …an image…I was with my girlfriend a few years ago and as I was known to be, I was sharing avidly with her of my own life path and my spiritual connection and revelation of how they are both tangential. What has now impacted me strongly is her looking at me at the time and saying: ‘Whenever you are talking about and sharing of your spiritual journey Yvonne, you become ALIVE! You become vibrant! Your eyes light up and you look so very happy!’

I reflected on that moment while I held it in my awareness. I wondered if this was the clarity that I was now seeking. I then found myself reaching out for my book titled: ‘It’s All God’ by Walter Starcke. I opened it. The page fell on the Chapter titled: ‘The Impersonal I’ I got the message.

I AM That I AM!

My human Aspect was playing its doubting game once again. I simply needed to stay centered in my core. No need to question, no need to doubt, no need to even seek or query…just BE!!! And so I decided to share ME as much as I FELT. Here I AM!

So …let us talk about this veritable Pressure Cooker that we’ve all found ourselves in. How are you coping? How do you spend your time as you look around and see …wildfires, plane crashes, civil wars, kidnappings, murders, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.?…Feels like we are in a veritable pressure cooker doesn’t it. But I want to share with you my own coping strategy. Am sharing not to say that this is how one / you MUST deal with the state of the world affairs but rather that this is how I deal with things as they are now.

At night before I fall asleep, I give thanks for my day…however it was, it was perfect because it was purposeful. Then I turn my attention inward and I start a scan from my open heart of my entire body (physical), mind (mental), and feelings (emotional) and I Love…Oh, how I love myself…this beautiful temple that has housed me so willingly; that has given me the opportunity to experience / sense life right here on this beautiful planet. I wallow in my own Love. I tell myself how beautiful I AM; thank my body, all of my limbs, all of my organs. And as I reflect on my own life, I think of how magical and how phenomenal I AM. What a miracle…Me being here, my composition and existence.

Then when I feel totally saturated with my own Love; when I do not feel any longer separate from IT…I start to radiate…my love…from a wide open heart to the entire planet. I focus on places and people that I feel most in need of Love. I send it unconditionally without feeling the need to manipulate it. I just let it flow out with the knowing that whoever is to receive it…will….without judgement. That ritual to me is like a prayer…and then I gently fall asleep.

As I awake, I bless again and make a mental picture / feeling of how I would like my day to unfold. When the news hit…when the confusion tries to sneak into my reality, I go into Observer’s mode…the Impersonal I and then is when I find myself filled with compassion.

So what do you hear me saying? In essence, I shy away from the drama and trauma of a world gone a little awry. In my own awareness, I feel that fear is truly the cause of all the turmoil. It manifests in the ugliest of ways. With this knowing, I CHOOSE to Love as much as there is a need. Fear contracts, Love embraces and expands. Fear separates us; it makes us small. Love unites us in a beautiful expansion. There is no place that we separate…you become I and I am you in the infinite Ocean of Allness.

Even fear arising within us is seeking its own resolution in Love. Gently, I share with you so that you can take what, if anything, you resonate with and leave the rest. Consequently, if you should feel fear sneaking upon you … let it! Allow it its fullness! Feel it in ever fibre of your being. Invite it to come and when it does, simply take a deep breath and open your heart with another torrential flow of Love…Love for your Self! Stay with it until…you feel better! Keep breathing deep into you and love yourself in this wonderful integration.

When the news from the Media hit….take another deep breath and step back into your divine, Impersonal ‘I’ and observe…
…with Love…
…and compassion.

It is a changing world and we’re changing right along with it…whether we want to or not…whether we are aware or not…

…we just have to ride the tides of change as we put forward our open hearts. Let our hearts lead and guide us into …tomorrow…
…lead us lovingly, to love ourselves and each other and to be loved.

See you next time…
Until then…remember I’ll be breathing with and loving you.


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