Everything is Everything

Time running out4

Have been away for a few months. Newness seems to come from minute to minute and therefore my adaptability keeps flowing in synchronistic  strides. What is new in this moment seems to be old in a couple hours. How then do we communicate in terms of time? It appears that we don’t. Everything happens in an everlasting NOW! It seems only in accepting this concept can we reach a place where whatever happened is still happening… and thus our information remains current.

Time itself has collapsed it seems…like a dollar not feeling like a hundred cents anymore, our hour has far less than sixty minutes. Yesterday and today collide and leave us with a feeling of disorientation. Even after scrambling for the calendars, we have difficulty pegging the very day on which we are searching.

Such is the nature of evolution!

Can’t say that I consciously remember our movement through Time and Space in and through other Ages and I do not need to. I have only to reflect on this incarnation…the various ages and stages of my own development and where I AM NOW. Feels like a big squash…a compilation of experiences, growth and personal development delivered to my consciousness in a tiny capsule that seems to have distilled it all. Some details lay buried in the annals of Time, to be retrieved only from Time itself. Then there are others which feels obscure not because they are hidden but our memories too have ‘contracted’ during the process of whatever is happening on the planet.

Yes…as the outer has changed so has the inner. In fact, I daresay that the outer is mirroring the inner. We no longer exist and function as we used to, physically or physiologically. I find that my mind is in all of me NOW. I have asked questions and sought the answers within myself and felt the answers coming from various parts of me. There is no mind per se…or let us say that the mind is no longer confined to the mental. It is married to all the other aspects of my being. The upside of this new construct is that it has become easier for me to feel and to access my inner guidance. Remember Ms. Lauryn Hill’s ‘Everything is Everything’? That is truly apropos for now…wouldn’t you say? The fine line of demarcation is not even a blur on most things today. Everything just seems to run into everything else. At times we’re talking about the same thing but we’re calling it different because it is on a different continent or country…but in essence it is the same.

So what to do in this Season of Now when everything is everything…all systems collide…time collides…our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies collide? I feel that we only have to stay safe in our own Love of Self…not a selfish love but a self full love. A love which fills us up without the need to feed from others or have others feed off of us for their energies in whatever form or fashion that is needed. I say stay safe as everything unfolds around us in a deep Love of Self which offers compassion to our fellow humans. It is then that we will not be giving or doing from our brokenness…we will not be attempting to hold up someone else when we ourselves need holding up. That way we will only be sustaining this system of broken and fragmented humans whose efforts at living become tiresome. Each of us need to take the reins of our lives and start with a healthy dose of Self Love…Love every little part of ourselves regardless of how that may appear to us. Love ourselves into balance and wholeness…make ourselves emotionally strong and keep our immune systems sustained by our own choice of Will. In a Love of Self…we become our own strength… our togetherness becomes fortified…we are ready for whatever may come regardless of Time or lack of it and its consequences.

Share with me, if you will, what is your sense of our Earthly Events NOW and how we might be dealing with them.


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