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So …how have you been? What a week of Clarity it has been for me!

Life is unfolding not as if questions are answered but as if knowledge is revealing itself. Has that ever happened to you? When you would have a contemplative moment and immediately you find that the clarity of your questioning would make itself known to you. Like the peeling of an onion…layer by layer your path opens up to you. Makes it  even more interesting to be with yourself…because you can see clearly. Takes away also from the frustration of life at times when nothing seems to be happening or when one does feel stuck.

I have been choosing ‘Clarity, Joy and Wisdom’ each day that I got awake and automatically found myself reaching for information that has not only been inspiring but also have made me feel a lot stronger as I integrate bit by bit more of my  Self. It happens when we continue to pay attention to our own inner path. When we listen keenly to the voice of our own souls, the truth of what we need for our own evolution becomes crystal clear…clarity …yes…is what comes.

I can truly say that the person who wrote my last blog is not the one writing this. Yes, that is my truth! I have been paying more attention that I never thought possible to myself…loving me more intimately…getting to know the depth of my core.  The understanding / integration that the ‘i’ human and the ‘I‘ divine are one and the same has finally been gifted me. I awoke two days ago singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Believe’. I found myself singing that song  for two full days and it was last night that I realised that I was singing to the divine within me.  I have reached a new level of Trust in my Self. Glory be! As the realisation came I also saw that in all of the  Earth, I AM the only ONE who knows how I feel and understands my needs and wants. Think of that! There is none other but you who wears your skin, who is in your body, who has your feelings, needs and wants but you. Therefore the divine within YOU is the ONLY compass, the true GPS tracker for your Life. Others will come and suggest and even try to influence but it is your GPS, your own intuition that is going to convince you as to whether what is being given …fed…to you is for your own highest good or the good of your soul.

The more I felt and I do mean felt into this, I saw my own Love of Self. I saw how very much my own Love is guiding me to more of my own Love. It is not only a feeling … it is  a becoming when integrated within one’s being, there really is nothing to say…it suffices to …just…be…and others will feel. Others will see. Others will know….within the Presence which will encourage them to BE also…in love with themselves and to BE Love. Eventually we will have a bonfire of  divine humans BEING themselves and Love will be the inspiration for a NEW Living…a new way of Life upon our planet where we need no authenticity or verification from another.  We are no longer needy. We are full within ourselves needing nothing outside of us to fulfill us.

Oh what a day! When we come together in the FULLNESS of our BEING, without the need to feed energetically off of one another or to be fed by any other. We’re just a collection of sovereignty coming together to live our lives in the experiences only and not from the imposition of our imbalances on each other. I’m not talking about Utopia…I am talking about planet Earth.

I’m on my way. Want to join me? All you have to do is commit to your own evolution…commit to you and being your best Self…commit to being your fullest from your highest potential. Seek many more moments of silence; sit deep into the depth of the silence, choose what you want in the moment and then … listen. Your own soul is right there waiting to greet  and guide you in and with Love. Then you’ll find yourself singing whatever is your guidance and doing whatever is your truth….one breath, one silent moment at a time.

If you need  any pointers … let me know by sending me an e-mail through my website at  but I know that you can do it! All is well! See you next time!




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