O beloved EarthAngelSun!

Here you are once again!

Like a long lost brother returning home, you greet me with opened arms

bringing your Joy and bringing your Hope to this brand new day.

Warm arms stretch gently over the cool of the sleeping land and extend long shiny fingers.

I feel them creeping though the shades, flooding my room gently and tugging at my heart with

the magic of your ‘good morning’ touch.

‘Arise, it’s another day to create and play’ you suggest with your soft whispers.

‘I AM here with you even when you can’t see me!’

‘Sunrise, I feel your magic

Your gentle nudging awakens my heart.

Its quickened beat now aligns with your own diurnal rhythm.

My heart and yours are one and as we come together in this today’s walk upon Earth, I ask you both:

‘What shall we create today?’

‘First’, you say, ‘let us rejoice in this Union,

Then, let us honor our two bodies as they come together in service to each other,

Then let us look to this new day and be present in its unfolding moment by moment.’

Sunrise, I hear you whisper to me: ‘Good morning’.

My heart is Joy full; my soul appreciative.

In turn, I simply want to say;

‘Thank you for coming’.

Yvonne C. Provost

Copyright (c)  at Foreday Freedom Flight 2014













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