My name is Yvonne Claire Provost. I AM certified in several   therapies, which I have combined to help reclaim the soul. A Usui Rei Ki and Angelic Rei Ki Master and Practitioner, a member of the Canadian Reiki Association, I AM the founder of ILLIMITABLE, a wellness company for self-development, empowerment and balance.  For the past twenty-eight years, I have actively pursued my own growth and development through meditation and all of the therapies that I have studied. Each modality that I have done / learnt was of and from my own divine guidance helping me to release and heal my own so called imbalances….so called because I have subsequently come to see the perfection in both each experience and the perfection in whom I have been all along.

The following is an account of the various modalities in which I am certified although currently much of what I have learnt has been integrated and assimilated and can now be translated into feelings and Being. I know each but I AM truly a composite of all… each has helped me to BE a-new. Why am I telling you this you might ask…well, it is simply to share my long journey, process and experiences with you and trust that when I speak you will know from where my words are seeded.

Therapeutic Touch (Therapeutic Touch Network, Ontario), Reflexology (IIR), Master of Life Metaphysical Counselor(Dick Sutphen, Sutphen Corporation, Malibu, California), Master of Life Hypnosis(Dick Sutphen, Sutphen Corporation, Malibu, California) also with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH, New Hampshire), Usui Reiki (Canadian Reiki Association), Angelic Reiki (Foundation of Cosmic Fire), Deep Tissue Massage (Institute of Whole Body Sculpturing), Stone Massage (The Stone Massage Company), ReConnective Healing (Dr Eric Pearl), Axiatonal Alignment (Mindful Matters), Channeling (Crimson Council, Colorado).


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