CD – Rising Up To Love


This Meditation CD titled ‘Rising Up To Love’ is a compilation of energies called in when I was asked to lead a healing evening at the Unity Church in Mississauga. Beautiful love energies saturate your body, mind and soul and raise your vibration to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. Constant use of this CD not only keeps you centered in a Love vibration but also enables the BE-coming… a veritable transformation.

Here’s an excerpt:

I gently close my eyes and I begin to come into my self… I bring my awareness to the inflow and outflow of my breathing… I breathe in deeply and from the tip of my nose I begin to watch my breath as it is coming in and penetrating my chest cavity and bringing life giving sustenance until it outflows into the universe… Once again I breathe in deeply…

I feel myself relaxing as I begin to respond to the pull of gravity… My body is becoming lighter as I am invited to let go of all tension… I search my body for all signs of tension…I let it go…. I see it leaving my body and now my body begins to come into a calm…I start to feel a calm…my thinking is slowing down…my entire body is starting to feel peaceful and devoid of any stress…I breathe in deeply and I allow myself to relax completely…I allow myself to unwind and I allow the quietness of Spirit to begin to come in…I become completely relaxed and at ease now…

I breathe in deeply once again and now I imagine a brilliant heart-of-the-Sun-Light…so brilliant that it looks mirror-like and like liquid…

Available for purchase by e-mailing me at:
Use the Subject CD Purchase or your e-mail will end up in my Spam filter.
Price is C$9.00 + the cost of envelope and postage to your city.


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