The Totem Pole

Totem Pole4

As I sat in my living room yesterday, I scanned my entire BE-ing to ‘see‘ read ‘feel’ what was happening with me in my own evolution. There are days when I feel as if I am stuck in my own spiritual happenings and then there are others where I feel as if I AM exactly where I want to be. As I did my internal scanning yesterday, I saw the image of a totem pole with my inner eye and the words accompanying that were: ‘I AM like a Totem Pole.’

The understanding of the image was immediate. It took no time to see the analogy and the understanding that my entire Being was the Totem Pole comprised of the various Aspects of my current and past lives, each telling their own story. I felt as if each breath helped me build on the other. Each breath brought in another little piece of me for integration. I AM the collective of ALL that I AM. Every bit of Light and every bit of Shadow / Darkness find Home in the independent and sovereign Being that I AM. Each had a tale to tell. Each had its own life as one of My own Creations. They served me well. They did exactly what they were created to do. Pockets of Darkness helped me through really difficult times. They helped me walk through various  and varied ugly feelings. They are the ones that took me into the deepest valleys and darkest caves and abyss. I would not have managed life on Earth without them. They helped put me in the state of non-being so that I could get a respite; gave me time to understand what Being truly is. They were the ‘fuse‘ that helped to bring in the Light.  They shadowed the Light, the Love in me repeatedly to help me learn whatever it was I ‘thought’ that I needed to learn. In fact, they enabled me to understand more of my Self. The Light easily allowed me to soar, it enabled and facilitated insights. It took me to the highest mountains in its fabulous dance with the Dark. It was a flirting Game and I was totally unaware. I was continually led by the two. They both kept me in a state of continued expansion and contraction.

Then there are the various incarnations…’borning’ and dying lifetime after laborious lifetime to experience duality on Earth. They all culminated eventually in the divine search…yes, the search for Self…the search for my own divinity. The search for answers outside of my Earthly programming and limited ideas of my perceived God. After I had run the gamut of Religion and I continued to feel the emptiness of body, mind and spirit I took up my human self and proceeded on my own singular quest. Not knowing what I would have found or even what I was searching for, I knew that there simply had to be something else. It is as if my Soul had exhausted all the possibilities of experiences here on Earth and then I got the sense that there had to be ‘more’.  I remember clearly my own charge as I decided that the emptiness in my spirit was too much to bear. I heard my Soul say: ‘It is time to go Home!

So NOW that I AM awakened, I see the irony and humor in lives well lived. It was all a Game played in duality just for the experiences. ‘Going Home’ means that I have consciously made a choice. I choose not to play the Game anymore…I have had enough. Now, my Being wants to expand…wants new experiences beyond duality. In order to go ‘Home‘, I must gather all of the little pieces and fragments of me, call them back together and integrate them back into mySelf into balance and wholeness.

After all of these sometimes laborious and other times, exciting Life  experiences / adventures here on Earth, I set about laborious and exciting adventures in the Quest for Self. The irony and humour that I mentioned above is that as I started coming into more of my Self and my consciousness expanded in the awareness of Self realisation, I know that That for which I searched is only a breath away. What a cosmic joke I have played on myself! I made it so that I would go through all of this chicanery … and ALL That I AM and searched for was already right here in my heart, in my body, my mind, my spirit. All of me…is IT! How wonderful! My breath is all that is needed to take me to my beautiful, wonderful, magical and phenomenal Divine. The ‘God‘ for which I searched, is already expressing as ME…using ME to express Itself…to experience ItSelf!

I AM All of It…like a Totem…all the history, the experiences and the messages of the Light and the Dark are contained within me. I AM full for being whole. I AM content for being balanced. I AM Joy full for being Love. I AM success full in the awareness and realisation that I AM abundant in the abundance of my own Being and All that I AM. In this state of expansiveness, I write this and invite you to feel into these words and take what, if any, is in resonance. I AM that I AM….

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O beloved EarthAngelSun!

Here you are once again!

Like a long lost brother returning home, you greet me with opened arms

bringing your Joy and bringing your Hope to this brand new day.

Warm arms stretch gently over the cool of the sleeping land and extend long shiny fingers.

I feel them creeping though the shades, flooding my room gently and tugging at my heart with

the magic of your ‘good morning’ touch.

‘Arise, it’s another day to create and play’ you suggest with your soft whispers.

‘I AM here with you even when you can’t see me!’

‘Sunrise, I feel your magic

Your gentle nudging awakens my heart.

Its quickened beat now aligns with your own diurnal rhythm.

My heart and yours are one and as we come together in this today’s walk upon Earth, I ask you both:

‘What shall we create today?’

‘First’, you say, ‘let us rejoice in this Union,

Then, let us honor our two bodies as they come together in service to each other,

Then let us look to this new day and be present in its unfolding moment by moment.’

Sunrise, I hear you whisper to me: ‘Good morning’.

My heart is Joy full; my soul appreciative.

In turn, I simply want to say;

‘Thank you for coming’.

Yvonne C. Provost

Copyright (c)  at Foreday Freedom Flight 2014












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9 Semi-cactus

So …how have you been? What a week of Clarity it has been for me!

Life is unfolding not as if questions are answered but as if knowledge is revealing itself. Has that ever happened to you? When you would have a contemplative moment and immediately you find that the clarity of your questioning would make itself known to you. Like the peeling of an onion…layer by layer your path opens up to you. Makes it  even more interesting to be with yourself…because you can see clearly. Takes away also from the frustration of life at times when nothing seems to be happening or when one does feel stuck.

I have been choosing ‘Clarity, Joy and Wisdom’ each day that I got awake and automatically found myself reaching for information that has not only been inspiring but also have made me feel a lot stronger as I integrate bit by bit more of my  Self. It happens when we continue to pay attention to our own inner path. When we listen keenly to the voice of our own souls, the truth of what we need for our own evolution becomes crystal clear…clarity …yes…is what comes.

I can truly say that the person who wrote my last blog is not the one writing this. Yes, that is my truth! I have been paying more attention that I never thought possible to myself…loving me more intimately…getting to know the depth of my core.  The understanding / integration that the ‘i’ human and the ‘I‘ divine are one and the same has finally been gifted me. I awoke two days ago singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Believe’. I found myself singing that song  for two full days and it was last night that I realised that I was singing to the divine within me.  I have reached a new level of Trust in my Self. Glory be! As the realisation came I also saw that in all of the  Earth, I AM the only ONE who knows how I feel and understands my needs and wants. Think of that! There is none other but you who wears your skin, who is in your body, who has your feelings, needs and wants but you. Therefore the divine within YOU is the ONLY compass, the true GPS tracker for your Life. Others will come and suggest and even try to influence but it is your GPS, your own intuition that is going to convince you as to whether what is being given …fed…to you is for your own highest good or the good of your soul.

The more I felt and I do mean felt into this, I saw my own Love of Self. I saw how very much my own Love is guiding me to more of my own Love. It is not only a feeling … it is  a becoming when integrated within one’s being, there really is nothing to say…it suffices to …just…be…and others will feel. Others will see. Others will know….within the Presence which will encourage them to BE also…in love with themselves and to BE Love. Eventually we will have a bonfire of  divine humans BEING themselves and Love will be the inspiration for a NEW Living…a new way of Life upon our planet where we need no authenticity or verification from another.  We are no longer needy. We are full within ourselves needing nothing outside of us to fulfill us.

Oh what a day! When we come together in the FULLNESS of our BEING, without the need to feed energetically off of one another or to be fed by any other. We’re just a collection of sovereignty coming together to live our lives in the experiences only and not from the imposition of our imbalances on each other. I’m not talking about Utopia…I am talking about planet Earth.

I’m on my way. Want to join me? All you have to do is commit to your own evolution…commit to you and being your best Self…commit to being your fullest from your highest potential. Seek many more moments of silence; sit deep into the depth of the silence, choose what you want in the moment and then … listen. Your own soul is right there waiting to greet  and guide you in and with Love. Then you’ll find yourself singing whatever is your guidance and doing whatever is your truth….one breath, one silent moment at a time.

If you need  any pointers … let me know by sending me an e-mail through my website at  but I know that you can do it! All is well! See you next time!



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Everything is Everything

Time running out4

Have been away for a few months. Newness seems to come from minute to minute and therefore my adaptability keeps flowing in synchronistic  strides. What is new in this moment seems to be old in a couple hours. How then do we communicate in terms of time? It appears that we don’t. Everything happens in an everlasting NOW! It seems only in accepting this concept can we reach a place where whatever happened is still happening… and thus our information remains current.

Time itself has collapsed it seems…like a dollar not feeling like a hundred cents anymore, our hour has far less than sixty minutes. Yesterday and today collide and leave us with a feeling of disorientation. Even after scrambling for the calendars, we have difficulty pegging the very day on which we are searching.

Such is the nature of evolution!

Can’t say that I consciously remember our movement through Time and Space in and through other Ages and I do not need to. I have only to reflect on this incarnation…the various ages and stages of my own development and where I AM NOW. Feels like a big squash…a compilation of experiences, growth and personal development delivered to my consciousness in a tiny capsule that seems to have distilled it all. Some details lay buried in the annals of Time, to be retrieved only from Time itself. Then there are others which feels obscure not because they are hidden but our memories too have ‘contracted’ during the process of whatever is happening on the planet.

Yes…as the outer has changed so has the inner. In fact, I daresay that the outer is mirroring the inner. We no longer exist and function as we used to, physically or physiologically. I find that my mind is in all of me NOW. I have asked questions and sought the answers within myself and felt the answers coming from various parts of me. There is no mind per se…or let us say that the mind is no longer confined to the mental. It is married to all the other aspects of my being. The upside of this new construct is that it has become easier for me to feel and to access my inner guidance. Remember Ms. Lauryn Hill’s ‘Everything is Everything’? That is truly apropos for now…wouldn’t you say? The fine line of demarcation is not even a blur on most things today. Everything just seems to run into everything else. At times we’re talking about the same thing but we’re calling it different because it is on a different continent or country…but in essence it is the same.

So what to do in this Season of Now when everything is everything…all systems collide…time collides…our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies collide? I feel that we only have to stay safe in our own Love of Self…not a selfish love but a self full love. A love which fills us up without the need to feed from others or have others feed off of us for their energies in whatever form or fashion that is needed. I say stay safe as everything unfolds around us in a deep Love of Self which offers compassion to our fellow humans. It is then that we will not be giving or doing from our brokenness…we will not be attempting to hold up someone else when we ourselves need holding up. That way we will only be sustaining this system of broken and fragmented humans whose efforts at living become tiresome. Each of us need to take the reins of our lives and start with a healthy dose of Self Love…Love every little part of ourselves regardless of how that may appear to us. Love ourselves into balance and wholeness…make ourselves emotionally strong and keep our immune systems sustained by our own choice of Will. In a Love of Self…we become our own strength… our togetherness becomes fortified…we are ready for whatever may come regardless of Time or lack of it and its consequences.

Share with me, if you will, what is your sense of our Earthly Events NOW and how we might be dealing with them.

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What A Pressure Cooker!

Pressure Cooker

Angel heart

I have not been here in a few months. Mostly because I found myself in a place of simply observing our unbelievable and amazing Earth’s experiences and then not having much to say as I was too busy feeling the effects of all these Earth changes. But a fire is beginning to brew once again within me. It makes itself felt especially at nighttime and manifests as tremendous heat. I ask mySelf for Clarity. ‘What’s up?’ ‘What am I supposed to be doing?’ Where am I to be heading?’

As I listen keenly, I could only see as I recalled …an image…I was with my girlfriend a few years ago and as I was known to be, I was sharing avidly with her of my own life path and my spiritual connection and revelation of how they are both tangential. What has now impacted me strongly is her looking at me at the time and saying: ‘Whenever you are talking about and sharing of your spiritual journey Yvonne, you become ALIVE! You become vibrant! Your eyes light up and you look so very happy!’

I reflected on that moment while I held it in my awareness. I wondered if this was the clarity that I was now seeking. I then found myself reaching out for my book titled: ‘It’s All God’ by Walter Starcke. I opened it. The page fell on the Chapter titled: ‘The Impersonal I’ I got the message.

I AM That I AM!

My human Aspect was playing its doubting game once again. I simply needed to stay centered in my core. No need to question, no need to doubt, no need to even seek or query…just BE!!! And so I decided to share ME as much as I FELT. Here I AM!

So …let us talk about this veritable Pressure Cooker that we’ve all found ourselves in. How are you coping? How do you spend your time as you look around and see …wildfires, plane crashes, civil wars, kidnappings, murders, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.?…Feels like we are in a veritable pressure cooker doesn’t it. But I want to share with you my own coping strategy. Am sharing not to say that this is how one / you MUST deal with the state of the world affairs but rather that this is how I deal with things as they are now.

At night before I fall asleep, I give thanks for my day…however it was, it was perfect because it was purposeful. Then I turn my attention inward and I start a scan from my open heart of my entire body (physical), mind (mental), and feelings (emotional) and I Love…Oh, how I love myself…this beautiful temple that has housed me so willingly; that has given me the opportunity to experience / sense life right here on this beautiful planet. I wallow in my own Love. I tell myself how beautiful I AM; thank my body, all of my limbs, all of my organs. And as I reflect on my own life, I think of how magical and how phenomenal I AM. What a miracle…Me being here, my composition and existence.

Then when I feel totally saturated with my own Love; when I do not feel any longer separate from IT…I start to radiate…my love…from a wide open heart to the entire planet. I focus on places and people that I feel most in need of Love. I send it unconditionally without feeling the need to manipulate it. I just let it flow out with the knowing that whoever is to receive it…will….without judgement. That ritual to me is like a prayer…and then I gently fall asleep.

As I awake, I bless again and make a mental picture / feeling of how I would like my day to unfold. When the news hit…when the confusion tries to sneak into my reality, I go into Observer’s mode…the Impersonal I and then is when I find myself filled with compassion.

So what do you hear me saying? In essence, I shy away from the drama and trauma of a world gone a little awry. In my own awareness, I feel that fear is truly the cause of all the turmoil. It manifests in the ugliest of ways. With this knowing, I CHOOSE to Love as much as there is a need. Fear contracts, Love embraces and expands. Fear separates us; it makes us small. Love unites us in a beautiful expansion. There is no place that we separate…you become I and I am you in the infinite Ocean of Allness.

Even fear arising within us is seeking its own resolution in Love. Gently, I share with you so that you can take what, if anything, you resonate with and leave the rest. Consequently, if you should feel fear sneaking upon you … let it! Allow it its fullness! Feel it in ever fibre of your being. Invite it to come and when it does, simply take a deep breath and open your heart with another torrential flow of Love…Love for your Self! Stay with it until…you feel better! Keep breathing deep into you and love yourself in this wonderful integration.

When the news from the Media hit….take another deep breath and step back into your divine, Impersonal ‘I’ and observe…
…with Love…
…and compassion.

It is a changing world and we’re changing right along with it…whether we want to or not…whether we are aware or not…

…we just have to ride the tides of change as we put forward our open hearts. Let our hearts lead and guide us into …tomorrow…
…lead us lovingly, to love ourselves and each other and to be loved.

See you next time…
Until then…remember I’ll be breathing with and loving you.

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When does it end?

Simona's Gift

Hola…it has been a couple of months since I have visited here. The reasons for my absence are diverse. There were times when I thought to come but couldn’t feel it in my heart to say …anything… and then there were other times when I have been bombarded by the oncoming energies that I didn ‘t know which end was up.

Here I am today…am not feeling my best as my body still aches all over from my being sensitive and empathetic to all the energies …individual and collective. And yet I know and very much so, I might add, how to clear these energies from my own system. Thing is that I do not always remember to ‘clear’ and then they become cumulative.

Today I decided to fall back on my ever reliable Omega-3 and top that up with a good bit of clearing. Consequently, here I AM. I have also been using my time away to re-visit some of my past spiritual information…old…but not too old for it not to be still pertinent. Have had a lot of aha moments which I have been sure to integrate.

So now that I’ve explained my absence, I would like to tap into my Soul Self  which I call, Mika-El-Ka to hear what she would like to share today.

I have been present as the Overseer in all of your experiences. I now come forward to speak of these times when Love must find its way in the densest of the dense and in what appears as the morass of life…of living. These are the times of  which Prophets did speak.  They are a  reality in human terms but as you know through the dimensions of the ethers they are all illusionary. And yet you each create your own reality based on your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is like each person baking their own pie which would be symbolic of their own life. Yet there are very basic ingredients that are common to all.  The pie shell would be a common analogy for the human body and the filling then becomes all your different feelings and beliefs. You give your life your very own flavor dependent on what it is that you choose as your experiences.

Your ingredients must now be comprised of Self Love, Compassion and flavored with a whole lot of Joy and Acceptance. In having these for your Self, it becomes easier to have it for others.  For today, let there be the Joy and the delight of doing and Be-ing as you have chosen to do and Be. Can there be another moment as precious and as important as this very one?…NOW, you are doing and being. F-e-e-l the Joy and the delight in these.  Challenge yourselves to stay in this place of acceptance of and for your Self and luxuriate in the Joy of Be-ing…of existing…of Be-ing the very centre of your own world. It is from this place that you fill yourself with love and appreciation and then radiate ….

Forever is but  a series of NOWS and you grow / evolve as you experience moment by moment.

IT never ends…you change experiences and thus you change our reality …you ARE IT!!!!     

Remember Love of Self first, then radiate to others…. ’til next time! 

See you next time!


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Stepping into the Unknown


A New Year is already thirteen days old! I dare to wish you a Happy New Year with all the blessings that you desire and in what ever form that you wish.

I feel as if I’ve stepped off of a treadmill with the sensation of treading still haunting my physical and mental. My emotional and spiritual are all locked into the first two since I’ve been steadily working at an integration of self…becoming a Body of Consciousness. Yet I sense that my Beingness is anticipating…What? I know not. It is also looking for the next machine to jump on. What are we to do next? It feels as if the next phase for me is to find a yoga mat and just lay still even as my insides feel as if it is bubbling up with excitement in this odd state of anticipation.

Our lives are filled with so many potentials and possibilities but which ones are we as a race going to call into for a collective or partial manifestation? That is my anticipation! Which are you choosing? And how will your choice impact the rest of the Earth? How will my choice impact you?

I find myself listening…to the wind… listening …into other dimensions as our Earth feels so much closer to this next…this other place of in-visibility. Dimensions feel as if they are about to merge…at least touch … as earth seems to be doing her thing to find a new stance in the universe. Can you feel that? Do you not feel that we are not as grounded as we used to be? But it’s alright! Whatever happens we will always have life! We are forever…only changing form to form to form. Our only constant as I know it now is Love.

So let Love prevail. Let Love spread her unifying and radiant wings from our hearts to each other across the globe regardless of creed, religion or gender! All we have is NOW! yesterday is done and gone…slipped right through our fingers and out of our hands. Tomorrow has not yet been created but here we are …NOW! BE-ing…reading…thinking…eating…laughing… with each other. Let us join our hearts in the realisation that we are all here and now …together …. and about to step into the next NOW. We cannot go wrong if we hold each other up in Love!


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Keeping The Spirit of Christmas Alive

Poinsettia flower


We know that Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Christ
And the Spirit and Energy of the Christ is Love
So let us every day celebrate this Birth of Christ
By evoking the Spirit of Unconditional Love.

Our hearts are the Seat of the ‘Christ-within’ Kingdom
Just as Bethlehem was the home of Jesus’ birth.
The wise men who came are our souls’ own Wisdom;
Let us use this to heal the Planet, Earth.

Out of the East came the three men a searching;
Searching deep within, we find Self- Expansion
And as the Star guided them in the right direction
So must we trust our own Intuition.
Bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to this cove
To show us the richness, beauty and eternity of Love
And all those different animals, which huddled around
Teach our different Races that LOVE must abound.

So let us give one to the other from a heart full of Love
Until our Earth sings from its Four Corners of celestial Love
And let us forever live this eternal celebration
No matter the Season or whatever the occasion.

As for me, I had Christmas this morning in my meditation,
I had Christmas last night in my Oil Painting session
And once again it’s Christmas as I feel these warm stirrings
From my heart to yours with all the gay trimmings
And as I give to you from a heart bursting with Love,
I say ‘Merry Every Day Christmas and may below be as Above!”

Yvonne Ste Claire Provost
Copyright © Foreday Freedom Flight 1994

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Joy to the World

Joy to the World

I have been in absentia for couple of weeks. I’m feeling that I was once again out in the desert with myself…integrating lost and now found parts of myself…acknowledging and reinstalling the forgotten pieces of me that have come home to find Love. I feel a big shift within. Even after I fell and landed on my back as I hit my head on the asphalt last Friday in our first snowfall, I am stepping back from that to see a bigger picture emerging. I see, acknowledge and laud myself for my commitment to ME. I continue to grow spiritually as I passionately watch my own evolution and see my determination not to be averted.

What of this will I share here now?

I feel a bubbling up of new energies…the fizzing of events and the hustle-bustle of the Christmas holidays is certainly a manifestation of the presence of the unseen energies over the past few days. Tomorrow being the Winter equinox is about to shift us into yet another ‘gear.’ How are you coping with these new twists and turns in our energetic planetary bombardment? I am holding my center, continuously present with my own Presence and trusting mySelf. It was only yesterday that as I wondered a bit from my Core and could immediately sense in my body a feeling of wonderment…almost …uhm …insecurity, I heard my Soul say:‘BE with ME.’

I took a deep breath and centered myself and was Home again. It is a veritable dance, a courtship if you will. This Love affair between my humanness and my very own seed of divinity which is expanding moment by moment while loving …all of me.

It has become imperative to stay there so I deep breathe a lot. Otherwise, I get lost in the old paradigm of duality and its contortions and illusions. That’s not to say I’m judging my story or my past as bothersome but only that I am choosing to walk a different route…a new route…and in order to do this, I need to keep my mind, body and spirit, expansive…wide open and ready…to receive and to experience from a totally new perspective.

I need to garner all my focus and energies into BEing with my Self in the NOW moment…prepped and ready for a whole new living. Yes, a new me is emerging full of potentials and possibilities…unquestioning and spontaneous…flowing with whatever comes and dancing with whatever knocks on my front door.

The Spirit of the Holidays is infectious in this regard but the purposes are different. I celebrate ME, phenomenal, magical and radiant me…as I feel a new Christ being birthed from within. I become more trusting with each new day. I wait for cues that will confirm that I am Soul-led. I flow ..easily …effortlessly…peacefully as I love the marriage that I feel inside of me and I allow this love to spread like a wildfire throughout my entire being and beyond. I do not haphazardly plunge forward in my life anymore. In my decisioning, I simply take a deep breath and allow…the Voice of ME and the Will of the divine in me to lead me forward. As I write this, I hear and understand: ‘You are I and I AM you!’ The marriage is consummated!

I AM That I AM!

Joy to the World!

AM trusting that your life is unfolding for you exactly as you desire.
Enjoy your holidays…have fun…lots of fun…yes…much JOY and may Love be the thread that weaves it all. Let us radiate to others…if even as a wish for their own well being…our Love creating a different world…one heart at a time.

From my heart to yours!

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It was a different night…I fell asleep to the strains of Michael Hammer’s ‘Gifts of the Archangels’ while doing some deep breathing. As I am falling more into my Self, I am aware of being filled with light like liquid in my in-between-dream state. The picture that I got was of the sun at high noon and then the silvery center became liquid that was filling me up through the top of my head. It was like pouring milk from a jug into a glass. I understood as I tossed and turned (the human and the divine doing their dance again) that my pineal gland was quite like the sun…it is a mini sun and my heart is another. I saw that as the liquid light from this glorious sun was passing through my body it was recharging, revitalizing, recalibrating these mini suns inside my human body.

So all of this understanding is coming to me during my ‘dream’ state and I am feeling wonderful as I go to the cells in my body. I’m comfortable! I’m warm despite having the heat off. I feel snug. I’m having parallel experiences in multi dimensions. I’m sleeping, yet I’m understanding more of my Self and I am also feeling inside my body.

This experience has filled my entire night…there is nothing else that I can remember and as dawn started visiting through the crack and crevices of my window, I am having another experience. I am feeling so in Love with my Self. Love filled me up to capacity. It was so much that it started spilling out into all the places and people around me. It flowed and flowed and next I saw in my mind’s eye was a beautiful image of the Earth and there surrounded in a soft golden pink with iridescent hues was …my Love.

I observed the image for a good fifteen seconds…then I pulled it into my heart…where it still rests gently. It was me loving the Earth and everything and everyone on it in its entirety. As I pulled the image and its symbolism in, my entire being felt the fullness and the fulfilment of BE-ing (in) Love….like the waves rushing to shore and then back to the ocean, the sensation flowed in and back out of my body, yet it was always there. I was the ocean sending waves of love crashing back and forth from me to the rest of the world…it was an exchange…an interplay of giving and receiving while I embodied the Love. It became a warm, all encompassing, all embracing feeling of fluidity …without boundaries of skin or flesh and it flowed freely from my BEing and…

all the World is One….

…a splendid start to a new day! Am feeling stoked! If I touched your heart, you’ll feel stoked too!

Just be aware… and feel my love…I AM there, right there with you …

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